Dogs probably are the cutest creation of the God and when the dogs are funny too, its worth taking some time to look at them.

Here are some pictures of dogs being funny and cute at the same time:

This juice smells better than water, can I taste it?
A puggle puppy looking to taste Vanderpump Rose wine.
Picture Source: Instagram@pugdogstyle
Wanna go on a ride, Bitch??
A dog wearing sunglasses sitting in a Mercedes-Benz.
Image Source: Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead
I’m gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road and ride till I can’t no more!
A cute pug riding a horse.
Image Source:
Seeking for inner peace!
A dog in the position of meditation.
Image Credit: Best Funnies
Whatever is on my head doesn’t suit me well!
A dog wearing dress on its head.
Image Source: Instagram@alabamthebluetick
I don’t trust my owner’s driving skills, no no!
A Pomeranian looking thrilled.
Image Source: The Blended Fun
I really don’t know where the food went!!
A dog giving a funny expression.
Image Source: Know Your Meme
Do I look goofy?
A ecstatic white dog.
Image Source: Instagram@_docwatson_
Don’t get me confused me with Sunflower, I’m a Dogflower!
A puppy with flowers around his neck.
Image Credit: Comical Dogs
When your owner catches you doing something you are not supposed to!
A dog smiling in an awkward way.
Image Source: chrisshoopo

So, these were the pictures of dogs looking cute and funny at the same time. Do you want to see pictures of cute Pug puppies or Puggle puppies?

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