We love our dogs, even more, when they give us cute little tiny new members in our family. Everybody is curious enough to know what will happen with them or what kind of development they will behave and look like every weeks.

English Cocker Spaniel puppies go through a lot of behavior and development changes when they are out of their mother’s womb. Have a new English Cocker Spaniel puppies in your home? Then here is some information about your newborn pet which will help you to understand their growth and behavior.

Newborn Stage

When your English Cocker Spaniel come out to life, they are born toothless, deaf and blind. The first sensation they feel is when their mother licks them for cleaning. The newborn puppy will pile up with its littermates for warmth to conserve body temperature.

Newborn English Cocker Spaniel Puppies. Image Source- traffic-club

The puppy separated from the warm temperature are likely to die due to hypothermia- low body temperature.

Neonatal Stage: Birth To 2 Weeks

By birth, the puppies are able to use their sense of touch and smell which helps them to find their mother’s scent marked breasts. The first milk of the mother produces colostrum which helps the puppies to fight against bacteria and parasites.

2 Weeks Old English Cocker Spaniel Puppies Sleeping. Image Source- Zim Family Cockers

They need milk in every two hours which helps them to double the weight and produce more energy. The puppy will spend his time sleeping 90 percent of the day.

Transitional Stage: 2 To 4 Weeks

The second stage of the English Cocker Spaniel puppy is something you cannot miss to notice. The second week brings a lot of changes in the puppy like their eyes and ears will start opening and will start analyzing the new surrounding.

They will get to know how their mother and litter-mates look and sound like and will begin to expand their own vocabulary with grunts, whines and barks.

English Cocker Spaniel Puppy Starting To Open Its Eyes. Image Source-Zim Family Cockers

By the week three, the puppies will be more independent from their mother and will begin to play with their litter-mates. They can now regulate their body temperature on their own.

In the fourth week of the stage, they will become strong and start moving to new surrounding and may try to climb out of the whelping box. The puppies can control their need of potty by this age.

Socialization Period: 4 To 12 Weeks

This is the golden stage to introduce your puppy to other dogs and animals. By the fifth week, the English Cocker Spaniel puppies are more aware about their surroundings and will start enjoying playtime and needs positive human interactions.

12 Weeks Old English Cocker Spaniel Puppy. Image Source- Hearing Dogs.

English Cocker Spaniel often go through ‘fear period’ during this stage. They will need affection and positive reinforcement to avoid fearfulness. From nine to twelve week is the perfect age to send them to elementary school since they are very much aware of their surroundings and needs to be trained about right and wrong.

Ranking Period: 3 To 6 Months

This stage of an English Cocker Spaniel is like a ‘elementary school age’ where they are most influenced by their play-mates both dogs and people. During this stage they will develop mental growth and start using ranking in terms of submission and dominance.

English Cocker Spaniel Puppy. Image Source- Instagram @life_of_louie_cocker

Biting could be a problem at this stage as teething starts and will need something to chew. From twelve to sixteen weeks of age, the English Cockers will start losing their puppy face and will begin to look like the miniature version of their adult selves. They will understand commands like, ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’ and ‘stop’.

Adolescence: 6 To 18 Months

Your English Cocker Spaniel puppy will reach to two-third of their adult weight. By the end of the seventh month, your pup will have 42 of his adult teeth fully grown and will start looking quite grown-ups. Your puppy will need walks and training on a daily basis.

Grown Up English Cocker Spaniel. Image Source- [email protected]

By this period, you can expect your pup to challenge you more and will likely to dominate you. Dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered will start exhibiting sexual behavior during this period.

To conclude, now that you are aware of the growth and development of your newborn pup it will be more easier to prepare yourself to be able to deal with specific behaviors. Happy Puppy Journey!

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