The Basenji is a hunting breed originating from Democratic Republic State of the Congo. These dogs are well known for their barkless personality and so are suited as good family dogs.

The medium-sized Basenji is a short coated breed with a slightly built and longer legged body. Also, this active breed has the ability to deal with the hot climate of Africa.

Basenji Mix Dog Breeds List

A Basenji participating in its training.
Image Source: Instagram@frl_vuz

Here are some of the Basenji Mixes that have very interesting behavioral traits:

  • German Shepherd and Basenji Mix (German Shepenji)
  • Corgi and Basenji Mix (Corsengi)
  • Basenji and Akita Mix (Basenji Akita)
  • Labrador and Basenji Mix (Labrasenji)
  • Beagle and Basenji Mix (Baseagle)

German Shepherd and Basenji Mix (German Shepenji)

The German Shepenji inherits characteristics from its canine parents; the German Shepherd and Basenji. The behavior of these dogs have an independent streak and are quite aloof with strangers. However, this breed is one of the few Basenji mixes that’ll turn out to be a very reliable family dog with early and ongoing training with proper socialization.

Corgi and Basenji Mix (Corsengi)

The Corsengi is obtained by crossing a Basenji with either Cardigan Welsh Corgi or Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This breed inherits characteristics from each parent breed. To clarify, these dogs are independent, athletic and poised. Furthermore, they have an affectionate, playful and people-centric temperament. Because of their short legs, they have strong herding and watchdog abilities.

Basenji and Akita Mix

The Basenji Akita mix consists characteristics of the hound-like Basenji with the spitz-type Akita. This breed inherits a strong, brave and independent nature. These active dogs have interesting temperaments such as loyal and affectionate.

A Basenji and Akita mix dog. Image Source: bobandsuewilliams

Labrador and Basenji Mix (Labrasenji)

The Labrasenji is a great combination of qualities of the Labrador Retriever and Basenji. This breed is famous for its friendly and loving nature. In addition, these dogs are affectionate and sociable. They are good for families with older children who enjoy an active lifestyle. Overall, this dog is a good family pet and definitely deserves a higher spot in the Basenji Mixes.

A (Labrasenji)Labrador and Basenji Mix dog. Image Source: Wag!

Beagle and Basenji Mix (Baseagle)

Baseagle is a breed originating from a cross between Beagle and Basenji. Beagle is undoubtedly a famously friendly with everyone. Further, the aloof characteristic from the Basenji is a change maker. Thus, The Baseagle packs a friendly and aloof nature from their canine parents.

Temperament and Personality Traits of Basenji

The Basenji aka Africa’s “Barkless dog” is a hunting breed with an affectionate, playful and friendly temperament. However, being called barkless, it does not mean that they do not bark, growl or howl. It’s only that these dogs don’t often do these things.

Their mannerisms are a lot like the cats’; reserved, clever and curious. They get along with other dogs fairly well but find it difficult to socialize with other Basenjis.

Talking about the personality, the Basenji dogs are smart, active, energetic and independent. Moreover, with independent nature, comes stubbornness. They act stubborn which can cause difficulty in training. Aloof and destructive, these dogs can never be trusted off-lead in an open area. Because of their evident hunting roots, they love to chase and trail.


As we have discussed the Basenji mixes, you can choose a suitable breed for you considering the temperament and personality. Therefore, it depends on your preference which breed you choose.

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