Löwchen or the Little Lion Dog is a small breed of dog which is categorized as toy and non-sporting dog breed. They are lively and companionable dogs that nearly became extinct at a time.

Friendly and active, the Löwchen can be a very good companion for your family. But before you buy one, be sure to know about the temperament and personality of this breed.

What kind of temperament do they have?

The Löwchen has a good-natured and friendly temperament which is always a pleasure being around them. The friendly and positive attitude of this breed makes them worthy companion for a family.

A cute Löwchen dressed up.
Image Source: Instagram@lovedog667

Löwchen dogs are always in a great mood and despite being small in size, they are energetic. They possess a large amount of energy that they’ll use for playing with their owner and kids of their family. They can play fetch and chase the ball for a long time. These dogs have a habit of getting attached to their loved ones and will suffer from separation anxiety when left alone.

Personality Traits of the Löwchen

The Löwchen has a outgoing and fearless personality. They do not hesitate to bark if they see someone or something suspicious. Ignoring their small size, they challenge larger dogs if needed.

Löwchen dogs are cuddle bugs that love to curl up with its people. Laziness is something that this breed is not familiar with.

Are they child-friendly?

Yes, they are very good with children and believe that everyone in the world is their best buddies, including the kids. They love the affection that they get from the kids and won’t bother playing with them.

Little lion dog with a small girl and her mother.
Image Source: Instagram@savanna_bloomer

Once the Löwchen dogs get familiar with the kids, they form a very close bonding and will follow them wherever they go. They are also likely to be protective of the kids as their guardian.

How it feels to live with the Löwchen

Living with a Löwchen dog breed is not so difficult. This small dog can adjust happily even in an apartment. It is active indoors and won’t require much of a big yard to exercise. A small yard or a garden is enough for it to meet its daily fitness requirement.

Löwchen dog with its owner.
Image Source: Instagram@annmarieemilia

Löwchen dogs are not vicious barkers. Which means, that they bark in minor situations such as seeing something suspicious. Randomly barking is not in their behaviors. You won’t face any issue of irregular barking living with this breed.

What makes this breed aggressive?

The Löwchen dog is not aggressive at all. However, it can act a bit stubborn and intolerant if provoked and mishandled while playing with the kids. They might also be aggressive when they see larger dogs. Otherwise, this breed is nowhere near being aggressive.

How it behaves with strangers?

The Little Lion Dogs behave properly with everyone. Strangers, however, can make them a bit wary but aren’t likely to attack them. They just bark in suspicion to alert their family if they see a stranger. But as they get introduced properly with the stranger, they become very friendly.

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