Country of OriginItaly
Nicknames and Other NamesItalian Spinone, Italian Griffon,
Italian Wire-Haired Pointer,
Spinone, Italian coarse-haired
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypePurebred
GroupSporting Group
Gun Dogs
Bred ForHunting, pointing and retrieving game
Life Span10-12 years
Ideal Weight61-85 pounds (male and female)
Ideal HeightMale: 23-27 inches
Female: 22-25 inches
Fur TypeLight wiry, short to medium,
weather-resistant, dense, tough-texture
Common ColorsWhite, White and Orange,
Brown Roan, Orange Roan
MarkingsOrange markings, Brown markings
AvailabilityCommonly available
Suitable for ApartmentsModerately suitable
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToBracco Italiano

With docile, patient, and sociable temperament, the Spinone Italiano is an affectionate dog breed that is devoted to its family and has a great sense of humor.

The Spinone Italiano makes a great family companion who will love to go on long walks and jogging with you.

Origin & History Of Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italian is an ancient breed of Europe popular for being versatile. They were originally bred for hunting as they were quite intelligent and possess a lot of stamina to work all day long.

The word Spinone is derived from Pino. They are very high-prized in Italy and some other European countries, but not so popular in America. AKC registered this dog breed in 2000.

Are They child-Friendly?

Yes, the Spinone Italiano is child-friendly dogs and certainly make perfect playmate for children, especially with the kids of 6 and above.

It is important to teach your child how to display leadership skills. These dogs tend to be patient with kids, but their patience should never be taken for granted, as abuse is abuse whether intentionally or not. Therefore they should always be supervised around children.

Temperament, Personality, And Behavior

The temperament of Spinone Italian is sociable, docile, and joyful. They are very affectionate for their family and will be the happiest when they are with their family.

The Spinone Italian is a very calm and relaxed dog with an easygoing personality. They are amiable and happy dogs that are very happy to make new friends. They are well-tempered and dependable with everyone, they make good watchdogs but not a guard dog.

Spinone Italiano Dos Trying To Climb Stair
Spinone Italiano Dog Breed Image Via AKC

Spinone Italian has a gentle and kind behavior and willing to please which often get along with other dogs and pets. They are courageous, brave and do great outdoors and thrives on strong exercise and athletic activities.


Despite being smart, Spinone Italian tends to become stubborn when it comes to training. To train a Spinone Italian, it is important that you are giving them a firm and consistent training and more importantly they should be a train from their early age providing treats and praise for motivation.

Include mental stimulation as he is an active dog with a sharp mind. He needs to be occupied with something interesting all the time; else he gets bored and could resort to destructive behavior because of that.

Facts – Did You Know?

Quick facts about Spinone Italian:

  • The plural form is Spinoni (Spi-no-ni) and the singular is Spinone (Spi-no-nay).
  • This dog breed has been assigned for the Sporting Group designation.
  • They are AKC’s 146th breed and was registered in 2000.
  • They are also known as Italian Coarsehaired Pointer.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesBloat, Obesity, Cerebellar Ataxia,
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Distemper,
Canine Parainfluenza, Canine Parvovirus,
Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough,
Canine Coronavirus
SheddingNone o Minimal Shedder
DroolingBig Drooler
GroomingAverae Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialAverage
Separation AnxietyHigh Chance
AllergiesSkin Allergies
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 23%
Fat: 6%
Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids

Spinone Italian tends to suffer from some health disorders, which include:

  • Hip Dysplasia: A disease which occurs when dogs hip joints don’t develop in the right way
  • Elbow Dysplasia: It occurs by growth disturbance in the elbow joint
  • Hypothyroidism: It occurs when your Spinone Italiano is not secreting enough of the thyroid hormones, causing their metabolism to slow.
  • Entropion: A genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward.


Spinone Italian are found in four color patterns:

  • White
  • Orange Roan
  • Brown Roan
  • Orange & White


Spinone Italiano Puppies Require early Training
Cute Spinone Italiano Puppies In The Basket.
Image Via Bellaspinone

The Spinone Italian dogs can give birth up to an average of 4-8 puppies at a time. The puppies of this breed can cost you somewhere between $1500-$2000 USD.

Which Dogs Are They Similar To?

Dogs similar to Spinone Italian are:

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