The Yorkie Pin is a small-sized designer breed that is developed with the mix of two hunting dogs; Yorkshire Terrier and the Miniature Pinscher. It is a tiny dog that adopts apartment life very well and does great as a family companion. A novice owner also can own this breed as it for them to have an experienced dog owner.

The Yorkie Pin is loving and protective of its people like its parent breeds. Their personality and temperament can vary from the number of genes they adopt from their parents. Both parents are loving and affectionate so the same is expected from the Yorkie Pin.

Temperament of the Yorkie Pin

The temperament of the Yorkie Pin is active and playful. They make an excellent family companion as they love to spend time with their family and play with them. When they are not playing, they like to cuddle or take a nap besides their people. You will never get bored when Yorkie Pin is with you and it will always keep you entertained.

The Yorkie Pin is a very alert dog that will sound an alarm when they see someone approaching them. They are very watchful about the things going in the surrounding and will keep an eye on everything. Therefore, they make an excellent watchdog.
Yorkie pin and Beagle playing.

The Yorkie Pin is good with other pets in the house if raised together but they do not do well with small pets like mice. They might get a hunting instinct that they have adopted from their parents and might hurt small animals. Therefore, keep them on a leash while taking them out so they do not go after some small innocent animals.

Personality of the Yorkie Pin

The personality of the Yorkie Pin is stubborn and smart. They are quite a stubborn dog and can be hard to handle sometime. However, with proper training, they can be an obedient little dog. They are smart, so learning new tricks and commands is not much harder for them. Training should be started at an early age so that they grow up to be a well-behaved adult.

Train them with firmness and consistency after developing leadership upon them. They respond very well to positive methods of training that includes lots of delicious treats and vocal praises. So, reward them with treats and some encouraging words. Never treat them harshly or forcefully as it will only make them aggressive or scare them.

Is Yorkie Pin Child-Friendly?

The Yorkie Pin get along with children very well as they enjoy their company and loves playing with them. However, due to their small size, they might not do well with small children as kids might play rough. So, they are mostly suitable for older children and if they need to be kept with small kids, supervised them.

Yorkie pin and a baby as Santa Claus
A Yorkie pin and a baby as Santa Claus.
Image Source: Instagram- @ mortieourshortie

What Makes Yorkie Pin Aggressive?

The Yorkie Pin is not an aggressive dog in general. Although harsh and forceful behavior can make them aggressive, they are not likely to bite. Treat your dog gently so that they do not grow up to be an aggressive dog.

How Does Yorkie Pin Behave Around Stranger?

The Yorkie Pin is playful and sociable so they get along with strangers well. However, they are suspicious of strangers and unless it is introduced properly, it will not trust them around them or their people. Therefore, a proper introduction and also early socialization is needed.

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