American Water Spaniel (AWS) dog is originated in the United State of America. They are sporting dogs and are a natural swimmer with a water-resistant double coat. The average height of AWS is 15-18 inches at the shoulder, whereas, they weigh 25-35 pounds.

American Water Spaniel is a friendly, energetic working dog who loves to be involved in a family daily chores. They are active dogs having a lot of energy and enthusiasm, therefore, they need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation.

AWS is friendly towards strangers if introduced properly. However, they will warn you if they see or hear anything strange.

American Water Spaniel Hunted Pheasant

When and Where to Start The Training?

Training should be started as soon as you bring your American Water Spaniel home. The early you start his training, the more obedient, respectful and loyal he becomes. Early expose between the age of 7 weeks to 4 months to the place, people and situations are needed for AWS behavior around them.

An open area like back yard, park or field will be a great place to train your dog. There should not be any kind of distraction while training your dog. Do not train your dog on the presence of other pets as they might want to play with them and they will not be able to focus on your teaching.

How to Define the task for your Pet?

American Water Spaniel response well to training and can be easy to train. However, defining task for your pet can be quite difficult. Start by using some particular words to make your AWS understand what you want them to do. One word should be used to define a certain task like sit, up, eat, come, etc. However, using a full sentence at the beginning of their training might confuse them.

While teaching them to do a certain thing, use your hand to gesture the task and use body language, so they can learn what you are trying to teach them quickly. Pointing your finger up or down, waving your hand can be some of the gesturing you can do.

The Training Process

AWS is an active and energetic dog who need lot of exercise. They are happy dogs who want to please their owner but can be stubborn sometime. If you can print your leadership mark on them, they will follow you and do the things according to your will. Some of the training process that will help your American Water Spaniel to be a better dog are there below:


AWS is friendly towards strangers but can be aloof of them sometimes. Therefore, exposing your dog to a large variety of people from an early age is very necessary. Introduce them properly with any new guests that come to the house.

Mental Stimulation With Physical Training

AWS is an extremely intelligent dog who likes to use their brain to solve any dog related problems. With physical training, they also need to stimulate their brain. Keep their training interesting with some fun, interesting games that also requires using their brain. Fetching balls, hide & seek and finding objects are some of the general games you can teach them.

American Water Spaniel Training
American Water Spaniel hunted a Pigeon.
Image Source: rocadog

Gentle Training

Your AWS should take you as a leader so that he will do the things in your way not that you do the thing in his way. Leadership doesn’t mean treating your dog harshly or forcing them to do things. Treat them gently and with patience and they will soon learn a lot of things. If you scold them, beat them, then they will be too scared to do anything that you say. So, be loving and gentle with them.


AWS is known yo be a excessive barking dog. Barking of a dog is good as they will warn you with any strange thing going on the surrounding. However, American Water Spaniel bark at any thing they see passing by or any moving animals they see. Therefore, it is necessary to teach them to stop and control as it can be annoying and disturbing to your neighbor.


American Water Spaniel is a natural swimmer. They love to swim, so taking them from a swim sometime to a pool or a small river will stimulate their physical needs.

American Water Spaniel Swimming

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