The Bearded Collie is one of the many herding dogs that was originated in northern Britain. It is a very loving, alert, lively, and confident temperament dog. They do well in an active family that is in a farming business where they can herd animals and fulfill their purpose in life.

It is a medium-sized dog breed with a high energy level, so they are not best suited if you have an inactive lifestyle. With an active life, Bearded Collie also required healthy and quality food. Therefore, in this article, you will learn about their diets, feeding methods and many more.

Diets for Bearded Collie

Whether you feed your Bearded Collie a commercially manufactured food or homemade food, they should always be fed a complete balanced diet. Here are the nutritional needs that need to be in your dog’s diet for its healthy and happy life.

Protein: It is a very important nutrient as it acts as building blocks of muscles, hair, skins, connective tissue, and nails. The main source of protein for your dog is beef, fish, egg, lamb and many more. Bearded Collie should be fed 20%-22% of protein per day.

Fat: It is one of the very important sources of energy for your dog. It not only provides energy but also maintains the normal functioning of the kidney, shiny coat, and skin. Excessive amounts of fat can lead to obesity so only provide them 5%-8% of fat on their diet.

Fiber: Fiber in your dog’s diet help in maintaining the body weight as well as it is good for gastrointestinal health. It is also good for constipation and diarrhea. They should be given 2-5 percent of the fiber in their diet.

Vitamins: It helps in various functioning of the dog’s body like digestion, reproduction, growth, metabolism and many more. 2%-3% of vitamins should be included in your Bearded Collie diets.

Bearded Collie treats
Bearded Collie treats.
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How Much to Feed Bearded Collie?

The amount of food to feed your dog completely depends on its age and working level. A Bearded Collie puppy should be fed 3 to 4 meals per day in a small portion as they are in the stage of their growth. As they get old, minimize their food to 3 meals a day. A grown-up should be fed 2 big meals a day which small snacks in between.

If your dog is very active that is involved in good physical exercise, increase the amount of their food accordingly. Do not overfeed them as they might get obese and have the problems of joints and bones.

Best Dog Food for Bearded Collie

Always go for high-quality whenever you are buying food for your dog. Here is the list of dog foods that you can buy and feed your Bearded Collie.

  • Canidae -All life stages chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish meal formula.
  • Merrick– Grain-free real chicken & sweet potato dry dog food.
  • ACANA– Grasslands regional formula grain-free dry dog food.
  • Fromm– Adult dog food.

Best Supplements for Bearded Collie

Supplements are given to dogs when there is a deficiency of certain nutrients in your dog’s diet. if your Bearded Collie is getting a complete nutritional food them there is no need to give them any other extra supplements. If there is some nutrient lacking in their diet, consult a vet and provide it to your dog.

Following is the list of supplements that your dog might need.

  • Glucosamine
  • Probiotics
  • Multivitamins
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Fish Oil/ Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids

Human Food That Bearded Collie Can Eat and Should Avoid

Human food is around your dog daily but this doe not mean that it can eat anything you can eat. Some human food does no harm to your dog and some can be very toxic or even poisonous. Therefore, before feeding your dog from your plate, make sure the food or ingredient in it is not bad for the health of your dog.

Bearded Collies enjoying their treat
Bearded Collies enjoying their treat.
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Here is the list of the human food that your dog can eat in a small portion and some food that it needs to avoid.

Can Eat

Should Avoid

  • Chocolates
  • Sugar
  • A lot of salts
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Avocado

Why is Bearded Collie Not Eating

Sometimes you notice that your normal eating dog suddenly takes no interest in eating anything or only has a small amount of food. There might be the following reasons due to which your dog might not be eating.

Bearded Collie with its meal
Bearded Collie with its meal.
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  • If you have shifted to a new place with your dog, it could be a reason that your dog is not eating. At a new pace, dogs feel uncomfortable and they take time to get used to the place and adjust themselves. It is not a big problem but you have to give them some time.
  • Constantly change in mealtime also makes your dog confused and it will not feel like eating. So, feed them at the same time daily as they always have a track of time though they cannot read clocks, the have their own perception of time.
  • If your dog is not eating, it might also be due to their dental problem. Check their gum and if you see it bleeding or swollen, then it definitely is due to the pain of teeth.
  • Your dog might also be not eating due to an upset belly. They might have eaten something that is causing the problem. Take it to a vet and do a proper check-up if they do not eat for a long period of time.

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