Dogo Argentino is a strong and muscular dog, bred for big-game hunting. They are quite protective in nature having ferocious watchdog qualities. These breeds have a strong will to protect what is theirs and dominance by other dogs doesn’t work well with them.

In addition, Argentino is a strong-willed and aggressive breed so, training and socialization is a crucial part of their lives. Here in this article, you will learn more about their training methods, strategies, and techniques.

When to Train Dogo Argentino?

Training your Dogo must start as soon as they reach 7 to 8 weeks old it’s when you bring them home. Start with their home training, potty training, and call their name from the beginning. Then at the same time, being the basic obedience training as they are intelligent enough to soak up quickly. As they are eager to please their owner, training at this age is easier.

While they are growing, increase the training level including more commands, tips, and tricks to your dog. Alongside their training, socialize your Dogo Argentino at home. When they reach 12 to 14 weeks, socialize them with other canines and humans. Once your dog masters their obedience training, go for their advanced training at 6 months old accompanying their required diets in check. Go with their agility training, Tracking and Coursing, conformation, disc toss, and others.

Where to Train Dogo Argentino?

The first place to train your puppy some basics is at home where they feel comfortable and safe. Taking them out at the puppy phase is not necessary as the animals and birds outdoors distract them. Only take them outdoors for their socialization session as a puppy.

For advanced training, they need larger space than indoors. Therefore, training can take place in backyards, parks, or any open space. As the pup grows, they stay focused so, training outdoors is not a problem from now onwards. Training them can be hard for first-time owners as there’s always a training center where you can send them for better performance.

How To Define Task For Dogo Argentino?

To define the task, firstly you need to make commands and order easy for them to understand. Hence, use easy words for their training session. Then teach them one word at a time like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘go’, ‘stop’, and so on. Learning commands are different for every dog as some take time while others learn easily.

To make the defining tasks easier, show them the meaning of the word. For example, if you teach them the “sit” command shows what the word means. Once he knows the command then reward him with a treat as praise. Rewarding makes them motivated to do well in further training.

Training Process

There are various training processes to train Dogo Argentino as it can be challenging and frustrating to choose the best one. Here are some training methods to use while training your dog correctly.

Leash Training: It’s important to leash train your Argentino for both dog and human. Before starting it, introduce the collar and leash to your dog. Then slowly teach them the “heel” command which means to stand next they have to stand next to you. Do not take your excited dog to leash walk as they extend it or run away which can be dangerous for both pet and owner. Practice, leash walks inside your house before going on the streets.

Dogo Argentino pulling his leash on training.
Image Source: Flickr

Agility: The Dogo Argentino is a very vigorous and sporty breed that needs a lot of exercise both indoors and outdoors. There are various indoor training for them like chasing a rolled balls on the floor, hide-and-seek, cleaning their own toys, and many more. Likewise, outdoors training like hiking, swimming, walks several times a day keeps their energy level in check. Also, sports like rally, agility, and obedience can give great exercise to your dog.

Positive Reinforcement: This method is a must for every dog breed as it helps them to show good behavior when followed by a treat. While training your dog never use physical punishment or harsh words because it worsens their behavior towards you can backfire in no time. If they show an ill-discipline manner correct that immediately where you remove treats, take their favorite toys instead of any physical punishment.

Patience is the key to train your Dogo as they

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