Cavachon is a small-sized dog breed that makes an excellent family companion as they are of loving temperament and are great with children. A first-time owner can also own this breed as it does not requires much activities and training.

In this article, you will learn about the diets of the Cavachon. Whether you are feeding them commercial food or homemade food, make sure the meal contains all the required nutrition for your dog.


A complete diet is important for a healthy life of your Cavachon. Know what amount of nutrient should be in their diet and provide them with that diet accordingly.

Protein: For strong bones and muscles, protein is important in your Cavachon diet. It also helps in the formation of hair, skin, nails, and blood. The puppy needs around 22%-24% of protein whereas the adult needs around 18% of protein on its diet.

Fat: Fat helps in providing energy for your dog. It also contributes to their healthier and skin and coat as well as a clear vision. They need to be fed 5% of fat on a daily basis.

Water: Around half of the body of your dog consist of water. If they lose even 10% of water, your dog might die. So, they should always be hydrated. Make a clean and fresh bowl of water always available to your pooch.

How Much to Feed the Cavachon

Cavachon feeding depends on its age and activity that it performs o a regular basis. A puppy should be fed 4 meals a day as they are in a development phase and requires more meal a day than an adult dog do. As they get 6 months old, reduce the meal to 3 meals a day.

When the Cavachon reaches 6 months old, 2 meals a day will be enough for them. You can give them some treats while training. However, do not overfeed them as they might face the problem of overweight which leads to health problems like obesity.

Dog Food For The Cavachon

If you are buying manufactured food for your dog, always check for the nutrition contains inside the packet. Make sure the food contains ingredients that are good for your Cavachon. Below is the list of dog food brands that you can choose from.

Cavachon Diets posing for a photo
Cavachon Diets posing for a photo.
Image Source: Barkspace
  • Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small-Breed Dog Food
  • American Journey Landmark Delta Blend Dry Food
  • Ollie Healthy Turkey Recipe
  • Merrick Classic Small- Breed Recipe Adult Dry Food

Supplements For The Cavachon

If you are providing your Cavachon a complete diet, there is no need to give him any supplements. Before including extra supplements on their diet, consult a vet and feed them accordingly.

  • Glucosamine
  • Vitamins
  • Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acid
  • Antioxidants

Human Food That Cavachon Can and Cannot Eat

Before giving some piece of your food to your Cavachon, make sure that he can eat that particular food as some human food can be toxic for dogs.

Here are the list of human food that your dog can and cannot eat..

Can Eat

Cannot Eat

  • Avocado
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Caffeine
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Chocolates

Why is Your Cavachon Not Eating?

Cavachon puppies playfully biting each other
Cavachon puppies playfully biting each other.
Image Source: Ready, Set, Puppy!
  • Your Cavachon might be having some dental issue which is making it painful to eat properly. Check for any bleeding or swollen gum. If there is, take your dog to a vet for treatment.
  • Your dog might be having some gut problem that is making him lose his appetite. Often dogs eat green grass to clear their digestive tract, however, if it does not start eating in 24 hours, take him to a vet.
  • New surroundings or changes in routine can also be the reason for your dog not eating properly. Dogs get confused or even nervous when the surrounding around them and also the meal routine changes. So make sure to always feed them at the same time.

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