Country of OriginUnknown
Nicknames and Other NamesSheprachow
Scientific NameCanis Lupus Familiaris
Breed TypeCrossbreed
GroupCompanion Dog
Bred ForFamily Companion
Recognized ByNone
Life Span10-14 Years
Ideal Weight45-90 Pounds (male and female)
Ideal Height 22-26 Inches (male and female)
Fur TypeDense, soft, medium-length
Common ColorsRed Brown, Tan, Light brown, Brown,
MarkingsBlack Markings
AvailabilityModerately Available
Suitable for ApartmentsNot Very Suitable
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToGerman Shepherd
Chow Chow

If you are looking for a mini Leonberger then get a Chow Chow and a German Shepherd mix. The mix of these two popular breeds results in a Chow Shepherd dog.

It is a medium to the large-sized designer dog that is best suited for an experienced dog owner. It is an active dog so apartment life is not suitable for them so keep them in a house with a yard.

The appearance of the Chow Shepherd is more of either of the parents. It is likely to have a furry, floppy coat with a muscular and strong body. The tail is usually long like German Shepherd having a bit of curl like Chow Chow. Chow Shepherd is also known as the Sheprachow.

Temperament, Behavior, and Personality

Temperament: The Chow Shepherd has a mixed temperament that it gets from both of its parents. It is aloof like Chow Chow but also wants human attention when it needs. It got the brave, protective, affectionate temperament of the German Shepherd. It is a hard-working breed like both of its parents and is happy to be part of it’s master’s work.

Behavior: The Chow Shepherd is a very active dog that needs regular vigorous activities. If they are not provided with enough exercise, they can become anxious and depressed. Therefore, they need to be challenged physically and mentally regularly which will keep them happy and healthy.

Personality: The personality of the Chow Shepherd is very alert, fearless, and sometimes aggressive. They are not generally aggressive but if they or their family are been threaten, they will not back off and defend them without any fear.

Is Chow Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Chow Shepherd get along with children pretty well but if the kids are harsh, they may not tolerate that behavior. So they do best with older children who behave around them are not harsh on them.

When they are interacting with children, it is necessary to supervise their together time. Also, if you are keeping Chow Shepherd with small kids in the house, teach your kids to behave around dogs and never play rough with them. Elder guidance is necessary for small children

A girl playing with a Chow Shepherd
A girl playing with a Chow Shepherd.
Image Source: muchloveanimalrescue



Chow Shepherd is a very intelligent and smart dog that can be easily trained but only by an experienced dog owner. They can be stubborn sometimes but with the right leadership, they can be trained to be obedient.

Suggestion: Establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them and be patient while training them. Use delicious treats and lots of vocal praises as a source of motivation to them.

Chow Shepherd leash training.


  • Although Chow Chow and German Shepherd are popular breeds, Chow Shepherd is not known by many as it is a designer breeds.
  • It is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or other major Kennel Club.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Diabetes, Elbow Dysplasia,
Hypothyroidism, Bloat, Obesity
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Parainfluenza,
Canine Coronavirus, Canine Parvovirus,
Leptospirosis, Canine Distemper, Kennel Cough
SheddingModerate Shedder
DroolingModerate Drooler
GroomingAverage Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialAverage
Separation AnxietyModerate Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 23%
Fat: 8%

The Chow Shepherd can inherit some of the following canine health problems.

  • Hip Dysplasia: It is a condition where the hip socket of the dog is dislocated. It causes pain on the back of your dog causing it difficult to move from one place to another. Take him to a vet for an immediate check-up and always check for its parent’s health report before buying.
  • Obesity: It is a health problem that is caused due to overweight. It can be the cause of other serious health problems too like diabetes, joints and bone pain. So do not overfeed your Chow Shepherd and always involve it in regular physical exercise.


The Chow Shepherd comes in the following colors combination:

  • Red Brown
  • Black markings
  • Tan
  • Light Brown


Chow Shepherd Puppy
Chow Shepherd Puppy sitting on a couch.
Image Source: Doggie Designer

Cost: The average cost of the Chow Shepherd is between $800-$1000 USD.


Height: The average height of the Chow Shepherd is between 22-26 inches.

Weight: The average weight of the Chow Shepherd is between 45-90 pounds.

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